Automotive Key ReplacementWe’ve all been in this situation. Locked out your building, inevitably in the rain, maybe after a long day at work or tipsy after an evening at the pub. The internet offers an endless array of lock picking advice. The majority of these lock manipulation techniques are aimed at pin tumbler locks, these are the most common type of hardware. But there are also lock picking tools that assist in lever based locks or cylindrical locks. Here are some of the gadget that can save you the money of calling a locksmith when you get locked out your house or vehicle:

1. Snap Gun
Also known as pick gun, this will hit all the tumblers in a lock at the same with a sharp rap. While it takes a long time to master once you become an expert this is a very quick way of managing to enter device quickly. The snap gun has largely been supplanted these days by bump keys.

2. HPC Superior Pick Set NDPK-32
This 32 tool set has everything you need to pick a lock, and even some things you don’t need. This is a perfect set to keep in a vehicle if you’re someone who lives in fear of being caught out. These sets usually contain 22 Picks, 7 Tension Tools and 3 Extractors for every possible lock picking need.

3. Bump Key Set
A bump key is a specifically cut blank that can pop open a pin tumbler lock with gentle hit from a hammer. The one con to a bump key is that a different bump key is needed for every brand of lock.

4. Bogota Entry tool kit
These instruments combines a pick and tension wrench in one neatly designed compact tool, usually made of titanium. This tool kit eliminates the traditional weak point by using strong steel and the undercutting creates a continuous thickness that eliminates the possibility of the weak point bending and breaking.

5. Kevin Mitnick’s business card
This spring steel business card looking device contains four punch out picks and a tension wrench. This is perfect to keep in our wallet for emergencies. Any business card will work in the same way but this legendary hacker has commissioned his own metal version with modified lock picking features.

6. Tubular Lock Pick
This tool simplifies crackling a pin tumbler mechanism, this device sets pins around a circle like points on a compass. This is the type of lock most commonly found on bike locks and on Laundromat machines.

7. Rytan plug spinner
The plug spinner has a spring loaded blade which fits into the keyway of a deadbolt lock and flicks the lock core by 180 degrees without having relock. This device allows you to guess whether the lock cracks in a clockwise or counter clockwise.