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What are you to do? Replace or rekey?

A lock on your house is the most basic, as well as the essential-most of all the security systems you might want to go for. Hence, you need to make sure that is it as secure and as secretive as possible. There are times when we lose the home lock key, move to a new...

General guide to locksmith costs

When someone has managed to lock themselves out of their home, business or automobile, they are typically forced to call a locksmith. However, there are a number of people out there who make these calls without having any idea as to what they should be paying for the...

Stop car thieves with these few simple tips

Once you have forked out thousands of dollars to purchase a new or used vehicle, you need to leave no stone unturned to protect it. Car theft deterrence is the way to go. If you go to a great length in making sure your vehicle is less of a target, your chances of...

How to safeguard your home from Zombies!

There are various threats out there— with zombies inclusive — lurking around to get you. The zombies of today appear like those we see on TV as well as in the movies; however, the ones walking in our vicinity are typically addicted to hardcore drugs such as meth...

Home security tips from the pro’s!

Securing the windows of your home against invaders is essential. Statistics indicate a shocking 30 percent of burglars gain entrance into a property by using a window or door that is unlocked. Furthermore, 23 percent of burglars gain entrance into a house through...

Tips to get a broken key out of the ignition

When the key to your house or office breaks off in the lock, you instantly starting feel dreadful and helpless. But if you are armed with the right knowledge on removing a broken key out locks, this issue will not give you any headache at all. There are many ways to...

Steps You Need to Take When You Are Locked out

Before leaving home, you forgot to take your key or you even left home with it and misplaced it later on; so you have now locked yourself out of the house. How do you now solve this debacle? Normally, you will have kept a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor...

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