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What Is This Car Fobs like And Its Benefits?

This is a kind of modern electronic button that adds comfort to the car owner. This system identifies the car owner by a specific code, providing automatic unlocking of the door by touching the door handle and starting the engine by pressing a special button.

The electronic key, which is located at the driver, can be located in the pocket of the owner. For the first time, such a system appeared standard on a Mercedes-Benz car in 1998. Today, many machines are equipped with this “Car Fobs,” and those that are not equipped with Smart Start at the factory can be supplemented with an option on their own.

The identifies the owner of the car, and it is preferable to combine it with the key. Antennas provide reliable and accurate communication between the driver and the electronic key. In order for the signal to be more precise, the antennas are installed around the perimeter, and there are about 2-4 of them.

Then the signal is captured within a radius of 1.5 meters. If the device reacts to a touch of the driver, then these touch sensors are mounted on the handles of the machine. The Start button is installed in the place of the ignition switch or any place convenient for the user.

ECU (electronic control unit) implements intelligent access to the car and engine start of the car without the use of a key. When functioning, it interacts with the control unit and the central lock.

How Does An Intelligent Access System Work?

Car FobsIf the button works together with the alarm, the following happens: the driver touches the handle of the machine, the sensor, in turn, transmits a signal, and the alarm goes off, and the central lock is unlocked. So the driver gets into the car.

The engine is started by pressing a special button. In the same way, signals are transmitted to the antennas, so the anti-theft system is unlocked. Then a request for readiness to start is submitted, after which the motor starts to work. When the driver leaves the car, all doors are blocked, and an alarm is activated.

Smart Car Fobs:

The device from a world-famous manufacturer includes many complexes that can provide the driver with comfort and convenience during the operation of his vehicle. It is hard to believe that in such a small device, modern and stylish design can be applied.

The ultra-thin keychain will become an adornment and “highlight” on the keyring of your keys. And the launch button is thin and easy to install anywhere in your cabin. For this, you do not need to drill holes while maintaining the integrity of the car.

Features Of Smart Car Fobs:

Smart access, what is it? When the user approaches the car, the “Car Fobs” key, which is located on the and sends a signal to the antenna, your security system is deactivated. After you get into the car, the device will give a signal to the car system, and it will be possible to start the car engine from the button.

Keyless Control: This system does not require a key when starting the engine, unlike many other models. This is very convenient because now you can start the engine much faster.
Anti-theft Property: The Smart Star button also has a reliable anti-theft system. Your car will not be able to start without a “smart” key. This enhances the safety of you and your car.
Remote Start Of The Motor Of The Machine: The device allows you to start or stop the engine at a distance. This is convenient if every minute counts. The user gets the opportunity to warm up the engine a few minutes before he sits in the car.

Additional features with the help of an intelligent button, you can control the raising, lowering of the windows, perform encryption by date, it is possible to bypass the immobilizer, open the car in free hands mode, and many more.

With a thorough study of all the functions of the Galaxy smart start button, it can be concluded that this system is very convenient, and most importantly, it will provide the driver with complete safety and help make driving much more comfortable.