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The Best Smart Locks For Different Usages

Security is essential at all times, both in your home and in your office, which is why some of these locks are highly recommended to be more comfortable and safe. I mention the comfort because starting from the excellent security they offer, and they are also more comfortable when entering and leaving. At the same time, you also know when someone enters and leaves, in order to provide security and comfort at all times.

In the current market for smart locks, they are divided into several classes; in general, many of them have similar characteristics, but they differ by brand, design, and diversity in security so that we will show you the different classes. Automatic Door Closers are a type of smart locks.

automatic door closersBiometric:

They are usually the most common for their years in the market; there are three models for different protections for these which are:

Password Protection:

Secret passwords are set up for the owner, and the password can only be shared with those who are trusted.

Magnetic Card Protection:

You are granted a smart card, which just by placing it for a moment in front of the sensor; it will open the door and while keeping a record of your entry and exit.

Protection by Application:

With the new updates for the Smartphone, they usually have Apps synchronized to their mobiles to open the door according to the desired configuration.


Fully compatible with most doors, and its operation is simple and practical because just by installing its App, automatic door closers you can create keys. You can open the door from your phone, and the best part is that you can create more than ten keys and, in time, desired, in the case of having to receive a visit and perhaps because of the hour you are late, that person can enter through your phone.


Also called invisible locks, many are the users who want to maintain discretion regarding the security of their doors, so they want something that is not so noticeable, you will have a special key for this type of locks.


The keypad locks are a classic, and it is very safe because for many years they have offered excellent service and 24-hour support, the number of letters and characters are enough to place specific passwords without problems.

Multi-functional Locks:

These types of locks have a keyboard protection system, with magnetic keys and electronic keys in the mobile with the infrared system; it is a little more expensive but offers greater diversification in protection systems.

Benefits Of These Locks:

Greater security, better comfort when entering and leaving always keeping a record, makes life easier by forgetting the physical keys. Just opening doors just by having your phone in your pocket, your colleagues and family can visit you without waiting for you to get the annoying keys, leaving the unwanted behind thanks to its excellent security system.


There is a wide variety of brands for these locks, one of the best options is Samsung, so depending on the quality-price you want to pay to have a good lock, it may be your option or not, I recommend a consolidated brand to be sure of what it offers.

RFID Systems:

The RFID electronic locks make them easy to substitute its basic installation and greater control,  automatic door closers a lock already present in many areas of our lives that aims to evolve into the only existing and that blends with any setting and technology as a Smartphone or Similar.

• Hotels-Access: Doors to rooms with unique encryption and common rooms such as spa, gym, bar, theater, etc. By restricted area by payment.
• Garages- It is a system very used to this type of lock or RFID system with a simulation of a key that generally opens on contact.
• Vending Machines (Tobacco): This type of vending machine is opened by means of the remote control; in the United States, it is also prevalent in aesthetic products to unlock a sale.
• Work Environments: Very useful with access control and employee schedules where you know exactly what time they come and go.
• Sports Centers, Hospitals, Schools, and Institutes: In lathes and lockers mainly to unlock them with absolute control.