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Keyless Entry- an Easy and Secure Entry System

If you can do something in life, this does not mean that you must do it. That is why there is no chewing gum flavored with venison or lard with wasabi sauce in the restaurant menus and on our dining tables. The same goes for technology.

There are so many incredible things that we are technologically capable of. But all these things just don’t make sense. One of such technologies is a keyless entry system into the car, which in recent years has become a fashionable trend in the automotive industry.

Keyless Entry system has become a prevalent feature in many new cars. It allows the driver to open the door and start the car without using a key, thanks to a small electronic keychain in your pocket or bag that exchanges data on radio waves with your car, which allows you to open doors and start the engine, etc. without the key.

In a sense, it’s a wonderful technology that our grandfathers would significantly consider magic and sorcery. You approach the car, and it unlocks. You get into the car and, without taking out the key tag (keychain) from the pocket of your trousers or jacket, in no time start the engine using the stop/start button, and you can. Very easy! If you returned to the past, even in the early 1980s, and showed such a system there, then many motorists in those years would have thought that you flew from another planet.

When need Keyless Entry?

Keyless EntryAlthough this technology makes the process of accessing the car as easy as possible, the novelty of technology has actually blinded all car manufacturers in the world from the real thinking that is necessary to create a really practical car.

The fact is that you always need to consider the use of particularly new technology, weighing all the pros and cons. You always need to consider how the new technology will work in the car and whether it will be convenient for people to use it.

Concerning Keyless Entry technology, the problems that this seemingly innovative system has are not technical. Here, on the contrary, purely technically, the whole system works quite well in all cars. In fact, there is a more global and deeper problem associated with the fundamental concept.

Why you need Keyless Entry?

The thing is that we did not jam the cars during the stop for a transplant. A Keyless Entry system allows you to ride in a car without a key or with a key from another machine if it was initially wound up with the correct label. That is, if you turn off the car, then to start it again, you will need an original contactless key.

Of course, if the Keyless Entry system is installed in your car, then when you approach the car, the doors will automatically unlock, which is very convenient and useful. But when it comes to starting the engine, many drivers should make physical contact with the car by inserting the key into the ignition switch.

So, firstly, you always know where the key is, and secondly, you will never forget it at home, and you will not lose it. In some cars, the contactless key can be inserted into a special connector, as well as rotated like a real metal key.

The key is actually a key fob in the form of a key that you must insert into a special connector that resembles a USB port. After inserting the keychain into the slot, you must turn the key to start the machine. However, usually, such keys are used in cars without a keyless entry system into the car. But on some Mini cars, such keys are used with the possibility of keyless opening of doors.

The usual Keyless Entry system into the car, which today has become fashionable and popular all over the world, actually breaks the cycle of causes and effects that we have been accustomed to for many centuries using keys and locks. The key comes into contact with the lock, opening it.

Violation of this cycle is unusual for our brains. Moreover, on a subconscious level. Although contactless access to the car is still a really convenient thing, because the doors of your car when they approach the owner of the car, in whose pocket lies the key-tag, open automatically.

But when starting the engine, it is preferable to use the classical method of interaction between the key and the lock, to which mankind has become accustomed for many centuries.