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Choose the Best High-security Grade 1 Locks to Secure Your Space.

Among the different types of High-Security Grade 1 Locks, there is a wide variety to choose from. Different brands, security levels, and models, etc., however, a difficult part of the purchase is realizing if what the dealer or brand really tells you is true.

How do we verify that our bowler hat will have a good level of security and protect us from theft attacks?

It is challenging to make this type of judgment among the variety of security mechanisms that exist in the market, for this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about security locks. So that you can generate an objective and real judgment over each type of loc. And choose the one that best suits your needs, both in terms of security and economic level.

How To Choose A Security Lock?

High-Security Grade 1 LocksWhen we talk about security locks, we are referring precisely to the set of locking system that is located on the latches and the sliding of the doors. We do not take into account the bowlers or also called cylinders that we have already talked about in other articles.

The closures exist in different aspects, such as having a different number of blocking points, from one point, 5 points, and up to 7 closing points. As well as different aspects, each brand can have different ranges in the level of security handled by its locks, different options for each type of door, gate, etc.

FAC type locks, classic designs, modern, invisible, mechanical, electrical designs, electromechanical, magnetic, anti-panic, knob, glass, for escape routes, firewalls, access controls, among many others.

Types Of Security Locks:

The variety of the kinds of doors and locks that can exist in each of them is very enough, not to mention the mechanisms, systems, and, well, it can seem like a completely new world for a person who is experienced in the subject.

However, be simplified so that so much information does not blind your valuable criteria when choosing a type of lock. We will dedicate ourselves to this article, and we will simplify the information so that you become an expert when choosing security for your home or business.

How To Choose A Security Lock Of High Quality?

Locks of this type are generally of the mortise, to overlap type, they can be electromechanical or magnetic. They are not highly recommended as a front door because it is highly exposed at the bottom and top, making it easy for thieves to leverage the latch from these points, significantly compromising security in your home or business.

They are generally used as a second door lock. When we have a three-point overlapping lock installed, we can reinforce its locking system by placing a mortise-type security lock. (Because the shape of the sausage, with bars at the top and bottom, does not allow the installation of one to overlap.

We additionally install a High-Security Grade 1 Locks and an armored security shield with which we will increase the resistance time of our security system on the door, making it difficult for thieves to force or manipulate the lock.

Another installation that can be recommended is the same but reversed. When we have a mortise type lock installed (either 3, 5, or 7 points), we will need to overlap in this case, in this way not to damage any of the closing points of the mortise lock. Each of the different closures has the correct way to install, an aspect that is important to take into account when choosing our closures.