Have you Ever been locked out of your car before? If the answer to the question is yes, then you know what frustration is. As you employ several techniques to unlock yourself from your predicament, you find out in most cases you only tried in vain.

Several steps on how to unlock a car door with a bobby pin will be highlighted below, so anytime an ‘ open the door without key’ situation pop’s up, you just end up winning.

1. Coining the tool

A bobby pin is usually bent into two, the aim of this step is to make it long, and flat by bending back the halved part, making it a flat, single piece of tool.
Having straightened the pin, remove the rubber knobs at the tips of the pin with your fingers, a plier or even your teeth.

2. Make a bend at the tip of the pin

Stick about a centimeter of the tip of the bobby pin into the keyhole of your lock, make a curve to the left to create a bent tip shape, a hook shape.

3. Making a handle

Take hold of one of the tips of the pin, bend half of it back to itself. This will allow for manipulation, as it would be easier to handle.

4. Make a right angle of the bobby pin

This will act as the actual door lock opener as its purpose is to free the pins which keep the lock shut. This should be done with a pair of pliers.

The process

A car lock typically has two parts, the barrel, and the pins. The barrel is the chamber for the keys, where you usually put the keys into. The pins are the small metallic cylinder that holds a barrel in place by dropping into it and holding it until the key crops and pushes them away. That’s what the bobby pin does; it pushes the pins away by manually pushing the pins into the right positions, turning the barrel slowly so that they don’t fall back to their position. Pushing all of the pins to the right position will free up the barrel, it will turn freely and voila the door will be all yours.

The art of lock picking shouldn’t be used for malicious purposes. Permission must be granted by lock owners before any door unlocking practice is carried out. Some people become frustrated while mastering the art. That shouldn’t be the case; it requires lots of practice. For this reason, personal locks should be used, and main entrances locks shouldn’t be used as it might end up being permanently damaged.

cksmith that resides or works in or around your location, he must n’t be exactly close to you but must be within a reasonable distance from you. There are several criteria to look for when searching for a locksmith, as some so-called locksmith might just be shoemakers in disguise. Professionalism is a core attribute to look for when searching for a locksmith. This has to do with the techniques, employed by the blacksmith, the tools, instruments, and equipment used. The number of successful jobs done, the goodwill of the locksmith. The experience, the trustworthiness of the locksmith and other prerequisites that are necessary to have a job well done.

There are advantages in having a local locksmith. Having a local locksmith is important as it helps saves time, helps build trust and reduce the cost of transportation incurred when hiring from a long distance. There are ways to source for a car key locksmith, and they include.