There are various threats out there— with zombies inclusive — lurking around to get you. The zombies of today appear like those we see on TV as well as in the movies; however, the ones walking in our vicinity are typically addicted to hardcore drugs such as meth amphetamines as well as some other chemicals that the mind and/or body. You can fight the walking dead with adequate preparation.

Home Alarm Systems Cannot Stop Zombies

Though alarm systems are an amazing addition to the overall security posture of your home, it won’t thwart break-in to your house by a zombie and can’t stop the undead from feasting on your brain. An alarm system is primarily useful for alerting the police as well as your neighbors, who could have been turned into zombies already. So, it is wiser to keep zombies out of your home entirely instead of being notified by the shrill sound of an alarm as they’re set to devour you.

Consider Kick-Proofing Your Home Doors

Zombies have a knack for kicking things and using their sheer force can to break down the door to your house. Installing a product like Door Jamb Armor (from Armor Concepts) is an effective way to kick-proof your door. Door Jamb Armor is offered for sale in kits with a price range of $70 to $100 for a door.

It operates by strengthening the weak points of your door like hinges, the door jamb as well as the area surrounding the locks. Armor Concepts provide kits for do-it-yourselfers, and you can install the product while replacing your door. Alternatively, it can be retro-fitted onto an already installed door.

Check Your Perimeter

You can always have your house surrounded with a moat full of crocodiles; however, motion sensors are a better option. Also a big dog will reinforce protection. And you can round off everything by building a metal fence and including barbed wire. This is one of the better home security tips.

Find Lookout Point

You should be at the highest (vantage) point in your home in order to get a clear view of what is approaching your property from the distance. The best observation location could be the roof.
Essential Items to Have Ready

Should a zombie apocalypse take place, you must have some vital items handy like a stock of water, bedding, nonperishable food, towels, indoor clothes, outdoor clothes, and toilet paper. Don’t also forget to keep ample medications for emergency pain as well as pre-existing conditions.

Other essentials are tools such a first-aid kit, duct tape, an all-everything knife, a battery-powered radio, map, and compass.

Check Your Physical Condition

Lastly, ensure that you are in a great physical state so that if fighting off the undead does not appear successful, you are fit enough to make a crazy dash for the hills. You should make sure that your fitness is great for leaping over obstacles and for running continuously over a long distance.