Once you have forked out thousands of dollars to purchase a new or used vehicle, you need to leave no stone unturned to protect it. Car theft deterrence is the way to go. If you go to a great length in making sure your vehicle is less of a target, your chances of keeping theft at bay will increase. In this article, we\ have highlighted a number of tips for keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

Put off the Engine

Though leaving your engine running while you carry out another quick activity outside of your vehicle or rush into the convenience store, could be tempting; it is not worth the risk. You can always contact AAA for road service, but they will be of much help in case your car gets stolen. Leaving your car keys in the ignition to get something nearby is an invitation for an intruder to walk right into the car and drive away.

Windows and Locks

Though it might look like an obvious idea, you should keep your vehicle’s windows and locks in position at all times. If you tend to store valuables in your vehicle, it is especially important to roll up your windows and lock your locks whenever you’ve parked in a public area.

Use a Well-Lit Parking Space

When you want to park your car at night, use a space which is close to a source of light. In this manner, it’ll be clear to view from different angles. When the vehicle is visible to a lot of people, it’ll create tension and fear in the mind of a thief that contemplates stealing it.

When It Comes to Your Car Safety, the More Security the Better

While parking your vehicle in a public space, select the garage or parking lot that contains the most safeguards. Even if you’ve to pay slightly more for a garage that is well-protected, it’ll be worth your investment. It’ll also be worthwhile to make some findings on ways to drive out of a lot. Always select a parking garage that is adequately monitored over the one that is unmonitored.

Choose the Middle Spot

Don’t ever choose a parking space that is very close to the exit of a parking garage or lot. Thieves regard vehicles in such positions as easy targets. They will find it much easier to drive your vehicle away quickly from the scene of the crime and without much disturbance if it’s parked near the exit. So you should park in the middle of garages as well as lots. With this method, you’ll make it tougher for thieves to steal your vehicle and they will possibly try other vehicles parked nearer to their get-away point.

Use a Tracking Service

Using a vehicle tracking service provider such as LoJack or OnStar will be an effective technique to thwart any car theft. The services will put a label on your vehicle so that would-be thieves know there’s a tracking system.

Hire a professional automotive locksmith to assist you.

Quite possibly the best way to secure your vehicle is by hiring an automotive locksmith to assist you.