Transponder Car Key ReplacementNowadays, every car you see on the road is a transponder key. The word transponder is the combination of two words, transmitter and responder.

The use of transponder in the car keys started since the year 1995.

The transponder car keys have an in-built RF transmitter in their interior part. The ignition device has a component known as receiver. Hence, as the transponder key sends a low-level signal to start the car, the vehicle detects it immediately as the key is placed in the switch.

Benefits of transponder car keys:

The transponder key helps in preventing the car from unauthorized access. If the ignition device does not detects the low-level signal, then the car will not start. In case a key is copied by an unauthorized person and he puts it into the engine, then the key will not send the required signal to the ignition device. As a result, the car will not result. Hence, car stealers won’t be able to use duplicate car keys or key cutting for stealing the car. In case there is an attempt of hot wiring of the car, then the key of that person will not send the required signal. Thus, transponder chip contained in the car key is extremely beneficial for safeguarding your car.

Try this to know for sure.

Now, how will you know whether your car key contains a transponder chip? The key with a transponder is thicker than the normal keys. Transponder car keys can be expensive. If you are wrapping tin foil on the car key and putting it into the engine and the car does not start, then your car key is a transponder key89.

Getting a new transponder key is safer.

Thus, if your car key is a transponder key, then you are actually safeguarding your car from unauthorized access. However, if your car key does not contain a transponder chip, then it is the high time to replace it with a transponder one. You need to always consult a professional locksmith to protect your valuable possessions, including your car. He is the right person in determining the reliability of your car key and suggesting you with the right type of transponder key. Investing in a good transponder key is an investment.

Hire a good locksmith in your area.

Last but not least, you need to find a locksmith that can program the transponder keys for you. Locating a good locksmith that is not going to charge you an arm and a leg is imperative to not only save a lot of money on your new transponder keys but so that you can get quality. Because isn’t quality always worth spending a little extra money for?