DMC Car Keys AustinIf you drive a modern vehicle today then you know that the modern vehicles of today have transponder keys. Transponder keys are basically like a car alarm remote. But instead of a car alarm security features built within the remote (which is attached to the car key chain) the remote has features to start the vehicle built within it. Transponder car keys have a radio chip that sends a signal to the starter and computer brain of the vehicle to start the car. This wonderful invention makes vehicle theft much more difficult to steal and much more convenient to operate the car.

Transponder keys do have one major downfall:

Transponder keys do have a major downfall, they are prone to breakage and water damage. And of course losing them out right. People lose transponder keys all the time and they are super expensive to fix and replace. That’s a lot of money considering traditional car keys only costed a few bucks. These can cost upwards of $350. Replacing transponder car keys are a big chunk of change considering most people don’t have that much money to Fork out for no reason.

They break all of the time:

Since transponder keys are so prone to breakage and to be lost there are car key services that are needed to help people replace their car keys. Take example our Austin car key business. We go around the city of Austin all day long helping people who need transponder Keys replaced. We either replace them, reprogram them or repair them if we can. Most cannot be repaired because they are too far damaged.. We are your low-cost alternative to dealership transponder keys.

We are low priced. And our transponder keys are top quality:

The next time that you are in Austin and you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your transponder keys or possibly you around them over or something bad has happened to them feel free to call us right now or anytime. Your choice for Austin car key programming services. Did you know that we also offer a bunch of other locksmith services? This includes residential and commercial locksmith services too! This means we are available to you for all of your locksmith needs!