By and large, garage doors are reliable entities. They scarcely suffer damages of setbacks. That said, damages and setbacks do occur, and when they do, they need to be rectified in a timely manner.

Curious as to some of the most common garage door problems? Then read on. Here are 7 of them and what you can do about them.

1. Your Garage Door Is Making Unusual Noises

One of the most common garage door problems is the problem of unusual noises. Yes, garage doors always make noises of some kind. But if those noises have grown different than what they usually are, there’s reason to suspect that a problem has arisen.

Generally speaking, an exacerbation of noise indicates a loose or unlubricated component. For instance, a hinge could be close to coming off of the door. Or, it could just use a bit of grease.

If the problem is the former, you’ll have to tighten or replace the component. If the problem is the latter, you’re advised to use a specialized garage door lubricant. If you need help with either of these tasks, call a garage door repair technician.

2. Your Garage Door Has Incurred a Crack

If you have a wooden garage door, you have to be cognizant of cracking. Cracks can arise for any number of reasons, from physical trauma to weather damage and more. Regardless, they can lead to even more damage over time.

As such, the second you notice a crack in your garage door, you have to take action. The best course of action is to fill the crack with a waterproof sealant. This way, it won’t spread, and won’t allow moisture to come through it.

3. Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Open

One of the most common problems is a garage door opener that won’t open. Either it will start to work and then give up or it won’t work at all.

The reasons that this occurs are many. A common reason is a rusty and unlubricated chain or drive-screw. If this is the reason, lubrication will be needed.

Another reason is a dead garage door opener motor. If this is the reason, a full-on replacement would likely be the best course of action.

Regardless, you’re advised to bring in an experienced garage door repair technician. He or she can assess the garage door and make any necessary repairs.

4. Your Garage Door Starts to Open and Then Closes

Another problem that you might come across is a garage door that starts to open but then closes before it reaches the top. Generally speaking, this is caused by the springs on the garage door. They are no longer strong enough to keep the door in place.

The only remedy to this problem is a spring replacement. If you’re capable of fixing the problem on your own, buy the right model of springs and make the replacement. If you’re not capable, a garage door repair technician can help you.

5. Your Garage Door Starts to Close and Then Opens

You might also experience the opposite of what we just discussed: a garage door that starts to close but then opens back up. Note, however, that this isn’t caused by a faulty spring. Generally speaking, this is caused by the sensors at the bottom of the garage door.

See, every modern garage door is equipped with sensors. These are in place to ensure that the garage door doesn’t come down upon someone or something. In most cases, they’re highly beneficial.

But when they become misaligned, they read the situation incorrectly, detecting items under the garage door that aren’t really there. As a response, they tell the garage door to lift back up, thus opening it again.

The fix to this problem is to either realign the sensors or replace them entirely. They need to be pointed directly at one another. If you can’t get them in the right position yourself, a garage repair technician will be able to.

6. Your Garage Door’s Seal Is Broken

When a garage door is in a closed position, it’s designed to seal to the ground. This helps it to keep out everything from rodents to heat to cold to moisture and otherwise. Unfortunately, over time, this seal deteriorates, leaving the garage exposed to all of the above-reviewed elements.

If the seal on your garage door is broken, there’s really only one fix: you have to have it replaced. Your local garage door repair technician can help.

7. Your Garage Door Is Worn Down and Deteriorating

Garage doors aren’t meant to last forever. They’re subjected not only to physical wear and tear but severe weather as well. As such, they tend to wear down and deteriorate over the years.

They incur dents and dings, they warp, they rust, and, in short, they start to look awful. This and this alone is a problem. After all, a garage door is a fairly large part of a home’s aesthetic; if it goes downhill, the entire look of the home will be shot.

So, when you’re facing the problem of a shabby and dilapidated garage door, there’s only one solution: you have to have it replaced. There are all sorts of great garage doors out there, and they will look much better than the old, deteriorating one you have at present.

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