You just got a new garage door and you’re not sure how to keep it safe.

A new garage door is a big investment, so you want to make sure you keep it safe.

Criminals know that garages are a weak spot in many homes, so it’s important to take some precautions.

Austin Car Key Pros has some simple tips for keeping your home safe with a new garage door.

Make sure your garage is well-lit, use a quality locking system, and keep an eye on your property when the garage is open.

When you feel safe at home, then you will be able to relax and enjoy the peace.

With a new garage door installed, you can keep your home feeling secure for years to come with some easy tips.


Take a look below for this safety advice that everyone should follow when it comes to a newly installed garage door.


Here are some tips To Keep Your Home Safe With A New Garage Door

Tip #1:  Make sure to purchase a quality garage door opener.  Not only will this help you open your new garage door, but it can also protect you from harmful accidents that might happen if the automatic system malfunctions.

Tip #2:  Get a keypad for your garage door opener.  This is a great way to ensure that your home is protected at all times.  If you have this keypad, you can give people access with codes so they don’t have to worry about having the garage door openers during emergencies or otherwise.

Tip #3:  Get safety sensors installed on your new garage door.  This can make a world of difference for your home.

Tip #4:  Make sure to get garage door insulation installed, too.  This will make your home more energy-efficient and keep you warmer during the winter months.

Tip #5:  Finally, be mindful of what you store near your garage door. Don’t place anything that can break on top of it, as this could cause accidents if the paint chips off or otherwise becomes loose from repeated use or slamming open and shut.


FAQs about Simple Tips To Help You Keep Your Home Safe With A New Garage Door


How can you make sure your garage door opener is safe?

You want to ensure that the automatic system on your garage door is in good working order.  If it malfunctions, then this could cause accidents and injuries.  That’s why it’s important to purchase a quality garage door opener that will last for years to come.


Is there anything else I need to do with my new garage door?

Yes, you should try to get a keypad installed so you can easily give people access while making sure your home is safe at all times.

This works well if you have a busy household or business and don’t want people coming and going without permission.


What should I do if I notice something wrong with my garage door opener?

You should immediately contact a professional to come out and inspect the system. They will be able to fix any potential problems that might arise with your new garage door, ensuring that it’s safe for years to come.


Do I need insulation if I have a new garage door?

Yes, you definitely want to make sure you can head off any issues before they happen by getting an insulated garage door.

This will help save money on heating and cooling costs as well as keep your home much safer.


How do safety sensors work?

These sensors will stop the garage door from closing if something is in the way of its path.

This way, there won’t be any accidents or injuries from tripping over something.


How do I keep people from breaking into my garage?

You want to make sure you get a good locking system on your new garage door so people can’t break in and steal your property.

You should also keep an eye on it if it’s open, as this will keep criminals from stealing items right off of your front porch.


Which garage door is most secure?

The most secure garage door is one that has a high-quality operable system, safety sensors to prevent accidents and injuries, insulation to ensure your home is safe no matter the weather outside, and a keylock so people can’t enter without your permission.


Why do you need an insulated garage door?

Insulation will help keep your house cool in the summer months while also keeping it warm during the winter months.

It’s important for your energy efficiency as well as the overall security of your property.


Can I install locks on my garage door?

Of course! If you have a new garage door installed, then it’s important to get an advanced locking mechanism put on there.

This way, nobody will be able to get inside without your permission.


Can I install a keypad on my garage door?

Of course! A keypad can be essential for busy households where people don’t always have the time to come outside and open up their garage door manually.

This will let them use their own access code to enter without any problems.


Is it safe to store items on top of your garage door?

No, you should never place anything on top of your garage because it could cause damage over time.

The paint might chip off, which would lead to rusting and other maintenance issues that are best avoided when possible.


What is the most important feature in a new garage door installation?

The most important feature in a new garage door installation is insulation.

It will help to save you money on your energy bills while also keeping the interior of your house safe and sound no matter how hot or cold it may get outside.


Are there any signs that I need a new garage door?

There are two common signs that you need a new garage door, such as damaged paint and rusting near the bottom of where the system has been installed over time. These are both best avoided if possible by looking into an insulated garage door.


How can I prevent injuries from my automatic garage openers?

The best way to prevent injuries from garage openers is to make sure they’re inspected every year by a professional who’s well-versed in installing and repairing them.

This will keep accidents from happening to you and your family, making it a great idea for anyone looking to get a new garage door.


Are there any tax breaks for having an insulated garage door?

There aren’t any specific tax breaks but you’ll end up saving money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

This can add up over time and make it well worth the investment in terms of dollars saved.


How do I make sure my home is safe during a storm?

You should always go around your house before a storm hits and make sure all of your windows are shut tight so they won’t be able to break under pressure from heavy winds or rain.

Make sure nothing is hanging out that could catch the wind and cause problems.


Who should I call to install a keypad on my garage door?

You should always get in touch with an expert, such as Austin Car Key Pros for your new keypad installation needs.

This way, you’ll be ensuring your garage door is installed correctly and that it won’t pose any issues down the line.


What does an insulated garage do for my home’s security?

An insulated garage will help keep your home secure by insulating it against extreme weather conditions, which can lead to burglars targeting homes that aren’t well equipped enough to handle stormy or hot weather.

Now that you know these tips, make sure you put them into practice so you can properly maintain the security of your own home.


What is a garage defender?

A garage defender is a security device that helps to protect your garage door by preventing access when someone tries to lift it up without the necessary approvals.

You should make sure to get one of these for your garage door, especially if you’re leaving it open for extended periods while nobody is home.

This will keep out anyone who might be looking to break in and steal some items that could easily be sold for profit (like tools or anything expensive).

The best time to install this device is while you’re getting a new garage door installed by the same company so they can do it properly according to local safety standards.

You’ll have nothing to worry about when burglars come around trying to lift up your garage since they won’t be able to access the home with the defender keeping it securely down.

Another great benefit of using defenders in your garage is how simple they are during normal use.

You never have to worry about them malfunctioning or causing any trouble for you, your family, or your neighbors.

They’re also more affordable than many other security devices and can be purchased online with ease since they aren’t covered by local safety standards.

This means you don’t need to hire a professional installer like you would if you were getting an insulated garage door installed (since they do require installation).

There are some great benefits associated with getting an insulated garage door but there’s more added peace of mind when it comes to the defender.

It’s more affordable, it doesn’t require installation, and burglars won’t ever be able to access your home during the day no matter how hard they try.


How are thieves breaking into garages?

Most break-ins happen with garages because they’re often left open and free to access during the day.

Some of these thieves even look like service workers so you’ll never know what’s going on until it’s too late.

You can reduce your risk by getting a new garage door installed that is insulated against extreme temperatures, such as the Defender model by Austin Car Key Pros.

This will make it much more difficult for thieves to break in during the day, which makes it an added security benefit you should always look into during your home improvement process.


What are the benefits of having a New Garage Door?

There are many benefits associated with getting a new garage door installed in your home, especially when it comes to security.

An insulated garage door will help protect against extreme weather so burglars won’t be able to get in through the roof or by using tools during hot or cold weather.

The best part is that they don’t require installation but instead are mounted in a way that makes it easy to remove when you need to.

This means you can always access your garage for quick errands during the day without worrying about thieves breaking in and stealing items from your home.

In addition, these safety benefits also extend to neighbors so they don’t have to worry about the security of their homes being compromised.

This is the kind of peace of mind you need in your neighborhood so everyone can feel safe moving forward without having to worry about thieves trying to break into homes during the day.


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