It is common for many car owners to lose their car keys or forget where they left them. It is also common for car owners to think that losing their car keys will be costly and time-consuming.

While replacing your lost automotive key might prove too expensive, you cannot deny the fact that you can keep safe your keys so that you do not end up losing them.

There are easy ways to keep your car keys safe for the long term. And soon you will find that keeping your car keys is really not that difficult.


Know the Different Ways on How to Keep Your Car Keys Safe

There are different ways that you can use to keep your car keys safe. They include: using a key wallet, using a key box, attaching an electronic device for logging your location, hiding your spare keys in one spot all the time, and creating a key deposit box.

You can get a safety system that will help you track the location of your car using your cell phone or even get a key deposit box from home depot.

Modern technology has been created to accommodate high-tech gadgets and devices that anyone could use to their advantage. And with this, you might want to consider getting some of these new types of key safety systems.


1. Smartphone car locators

One of the best around-the-clock protection on your possible loss or theft is through phone tracking apps that can track your smartphone on its location. This way, you can easily trace where your lost keys are.

There are several apps that you could download on your smartphone, tablet or iPod. Some of these apps can be bought online while others can be downloaded for free. If you choose to buy the app, make sure it is effective and beneficial before purchasing it. The mobile application should allow you to gain access to real-time information about your car. By having this, you are given the opportunity to have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and sound even if you are miles away from it.

If you want to get a free safety app for your phone, there are several apps available online that offer this service for free. You can search these apps on your search engine or you could go directly to their official website.


2. Key deposit box

Other car owners prefer to keep their keys at home or in the safe deposit box because they are worried that other people might find them if they keep them under the car seats or on top of the tire wells. This concern, however, is easily addressed with the use of a key deposit box.

There are several key deposit boxes that you could buy online or at your local home improvement stores. These boxes are particularly made for car keys and other important items that you might want to keep safe. You can also use this tool if you fear that the keys might fall into the wrong hands if they were left on top of the tire wells of your car.

These deposit boxes can be customized so that they can fit your key’s shape, size, and color. It is available in various sizes and materials to suit the needs of different people. If you choose to buy a ready-made product from your local home improvement stores, you could look for a model that suits your preferences so that your keys can stay safe and secure.

You could also make a deposit box of your own if you want to save some money. There are even some DIY projects that are found on the internet that you can try out.


3. Keeping them under the car seats

No matter how hard it is to clean your car, there are some car owners who would keep their keys under the car seats. This way, it will be harder for people to find them and take them away from you.

This is not such a bad idea if you want to make sure that nobody can take your car keys without you noticing it. But, if somebody does manage to take your key, he or she could easily take your car. This will only provide the thief with easy access to it and he or she can just drive away even if you are around.

The best way to keep your keys safe is by finding a key deposit box that you can use anytime so that they are kept out of sight from anyone else but you. By doing this, you can keep your car keys safe and sound.


4. Hidden Spare Keys in the Same Spot All the Time

For safety purposes, it is best to keep your car keys in the same spot all the time. Make sure that you do not leave them on your car’s ignition or under the car mats because doing so can attract would-be thieves. You should also keep spare keys at home if the location of your usual set of spare keys is too accessible to others.


6. Creating a Key Deposit Box

If you are forgetful or if your vehicle is often misplaced, then it might be best to create a key deposit box. You can put one at work or in your car where you can keep the set of keys that you normally use. The idea behind this is that you will have to collect them from wherever they are kept when needed. This will force you to be more aware of where they are so that you do not lose them.


7. Using a Key Tracking App

Another way on how to keep your car keys safe for the long term is by using a key tracking app. There are many GPS tracking apps that can help you locate your lost or misplaced keys. Some of these apps are free while others are not.


How to Find Lost Car Keys Using Tracking Apps

You can find lost car keys using tracking apps if you have misplaced them or left them somewhere. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

1. Open your key tracking app on your phone or computer, then log into your account.

2. Sign in to your Google or Apple account if you are using an Android phone or tablet. You can also use Bluetooth to sync your car keys with another device if you have lost them.

3. Look at the map on the screen of your phone, then look for your vehicle’s location. The tracking system will give you an exact address.

4. If you cannot find the address, then click on “last seen” to locate your keys. You can also get alerts when your device leaves or enters a certain area.


8. Keep a spare key in the car’s glove compartment

Another way on how to keep your car keys safe for the long term is by keeping a spare set in the car’s glove compartment. You can buy key storage boxes that you can install inside your vehicle’s glove compartment. These are perfect if you need to get into the car when somebody else has the main set of keys or if your vehicle does not have any key tracking systems.

If you are forgetful or if it is easy for you to misplace car keys, then consider using a key deposit box. This is where you can store the set of keys that you normally use in case you lose them. If somebody else needs to borrow your car, then they will have to collect the spare set from where they are kept.


How can I keep my car keys safe at home?

Keeping your car keys safe at home can be done by using a key tracking app. On the other hand, you can keep spare sets of car keys in your vehicle’s glove compartment or the usual storage space where you normally keep them.


How can I keep my car keys safe while traveling?

If you are traveling, then you might not know where you will keep your car keys safe. This is why it might be best to make sure that you have a tracking device or app on them. You can also buy a lockbox and attach it to the back of the driver’s seat or at the bottom of the front passenger’s seat if your vehicle does not already have one.


How to keep car keys safe from thieves?

Your car keys can easily attract thieves if they are left in plain sight. If you want to keep them safe from prying eyes, then try to place them inside a vehicle’s cubby hole or small crevice. You should also store your spare set of car keys away from the main set of keys that you normally use just in case somebody tries to steal them when you are not around. If they manage to find the spare set, then they will be unable to use them in your vehicle.


What is the best safe to use for car keys?

The best key safe for a car is one that can withstand picking and lock bumping. This way, it will be impossible for thieves to open the box without the code.


Tips on How To Keep Your Car Keys Safe for The Long-Term

1. Store your keys in a secure place

Do not leave your car keys lying around. Take note of one fact: automobiles are among the top list high-value items targeted by burglars and thieves, who will try to gain access to them regardless if they already have an original key or not (there is a market for car keys, even the originals).

Storing your car keys in a secure place means having them locked up. If not for safety purposes, just to keep them out of sight. You may leave them with your auto insurance carrier or leave them with your wallet or purse.

2. Keep your car keys in your wallet or purse when not driving

Having car keys in your wallet or purse is one way to prevent them from being lost. Having the habit of keeping your car keys with you at all times will mean that you can always secure access to your vehicle. If you are carrying only an electronic key fob, you will be forced to replace the battery every so often.

3. Use an auto alarm system

Auto alarm systems can help discourage many crooks from targeting your car, as most of them are thieves who want to get their loot fast and easy. An auto security system makes it more of a hassle for potential burglars because they will not only have to deal with your car alarm, but also it might be close enough for the neighbors to hear also.

4. Avoid sharing your keys with other people

Your car key should not be left in the hands of another person if you do not trust them fully. Keeping your vehicle in their possession without allowing them access is like giving them the opportunity to use it for whatever purposes they desire.

5. Have AUSTIN CAR KEY PROS program new keys, if necessary

Having your AUSTIN CAR KEY PROS technicians reprogram your car’s key is the only way to avoid paying for extra service calls in case you lost them somewhere else and had to have the lock cylinders replaced. Just imagine the inconvenience and frustration of having to get a new key cut and programmed just because you lost them somewhere, and then only to find out that they were not reprogrammed correctly upon arrival at your doorstep.



Car keys can be kept safe by following these five helpful tips. While it may not be the most preferable of solutions, looking for lost car keys can be an effective last resort to anyone who wants to save money on auto locksmith and keys.

Austin Car Key Pros can help you keep your car keys safe for the long term by helping you track down the location of your vehicle using voice-to-text software.


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